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Study group
Does your child need help with organizing and doing his or her homework? Our study group is your best option! We work with your child multiple days each week and help structure and provide guidance with their homework. We will work on exercises and the practicing for exams during this time.
The program runs immediately after school and your child will be able to work on their homework until 6 pm. The study group will not exceed 6 children so your child will get all the personal attention they need. Click here to receive more information about available days and times.

Juf Tienie offers English, Dutch and Spanish tutoring for children who need more help with their schoolwork or Dutch integration. We plan goals and curriculum around your child’s interests using certified and effective methods. Tutoring will take place at Juf Tienie or in the comfort of your own home. Click here to receive more information about our tutoring program.

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Personal guidance at your home or at Juf Tienie’s! Working on your school subjects in a trustworthy environment.

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